Twitter’s Revenue and Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Only a few years ago, bloggers and the tech community alike questioned Twitter as a business, as it had no revenue at the time. Twitter’s leaked financials showed an ongoing net loss in 2010 and in the first quarter of 2011.

However this year, Twitter has turned things around with new leadership (Dick Costolo), and a line of creative advertising products that has been succesful for advertisers; Dana White, President of UFC called Twitter “The Greatest Marketing Tool In The History Of The World” maybe a slight exaggeration but I get his point –Twitter is expected to make $1 billion in advertising revenue by 2014 according to Bloomsberg.

The infographic rounds up all we know about Twitter so far, its increase in revenue, case studies and samples of its advertising products that have been so succesful.

The infographic will take a look at Twitter’s growth as a business and the effectiveness of its new advertising products.