Nintendo is the company behind the classic games that just don't get old. From Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and who can forget Goldeneye on the N64. Despite mobile gaming being one of the fastest growing and profitable markets, Nintendo are sticking to their hardware guns and are adamant on not making mobile [...]

iPhone Battery Problems

The iPhone battery life is not great and Apple addressed the problems about the battery last year November and they said it will be fixed by the next update. How is the battery life since the update? The iOS 5 update promised to resolve the issues and there has been mixed reviews as to whether [...]

If you receive several e-mails a day, the default iPhone email previews won't suffice, because it doesn't let you see that many emails. Here's how to view more emails: Go to settings Tap Mail> Contacts> Calendars> Previews Select how many lines of the email preview you want to see. Choose 'None' This will allow you [...]