We all see it on our news feed, people whining and complaining about every update Facebook makes, but ask them a few months later and I bet 100 bucks they can't remember what the old one looked like. Although I grow tiresome of the moaning, I completely understand it because people are generally afraid of [...]

Yes, the Social Network was awesome; great directing, acting and a good soundtrack but the founder's themselves have publicly disputed that the film version is an accurate portrayal of what really happened. So where do you get the real story of Facebook? The simple answer is, The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick. He conducted several [...]

Facebook is set to lead the biggest U.S internet IPO since 1999 according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek.   As with all successful businesses, the beginning was rough and tough, with accusations of theft, being sued by friends and privacy issues. Yet, Facebook came out on top, but other than Mark Zuckerberg's drive, intellect and vision to [...]

Facebook is one of the fastest rising companies in the tech industry. Jennifer Van Grove of VentureBeat reports that Facebook is getting very close to overthrowing Google as the most visited website; according to Nielsen unique visitor data. Facebook becoming the most trafficked site may seem as though Google is being overthrown as king of [...]

http://vimeo.com/33507366 Awwww! How sweet love is, a young man Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam teamed up with Crazy Monkey Studio, to capture the moment when he proposes to his long time girlfriend with internet memes. He suprised her (Audrey) at a restuarant and started showing her posters of memes. So back to the question Cheesy or [...]

With the emergence of social networking and web based companies founded by young entrepreneurs, there is a cultural shift happening. More people want to code! and what better way than to make it fun. Codecademy is an online programming tutorial service that teaches Javascript. You will notice there are only a few courses on the [...]

Once upon a time, web based businesses relied on Google; if you wanted to drive traffic to your website, you will need high SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for specific keywords related to your content or what you are selling for your buisness to succeed. This in turn meant good business for Google, because businesses [...]

Google announced today that it has acquired Clever Sense . Clever Sense is a digital personal assistant  called Alfred. The company describes the product as "Alfred provides curated recommendations in tune with your tastes, location, and situation. Use him to explore hidden gems in your own city and rely on him when you're travelling to find places you'll [...]

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