This is one of the best Minecraft creations, it is a complete recreation of Zelda Ocarina of Time in Minecraft, it goes by the name Hyrulecraft. Right now it is only available in Alpha. However, there are ambitious plans to make a mini MMO with quest, guilds, you name it. This is the ultimate [...]

An ex-Googler, Gareth Jones, built a website called TechCompanyPay, where you can find out the average salary for tech companies in Silicone Valley, or more specifically, the world’s top 100 tech companies. There are several positions in every tech company so the list entails the average of each company. For a more conprehensive list check [...] Kim Dotcom is wanted by the FBI (he is now in custody) for alleged crimes involving piracy and the company he founded, Megaupload. Some of you gamers may know him by the gamertag, MEGARACER. He also just happens to be  the No. 1 player worldwide in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Dotcom [...]

[youtube][/youtube] A well known Japanese announcer, Shiro Suzuki absolutely loves the game Resident Evil. According to Kotaku he discovered gaming 15 years ago and hasn't looked back since. In the video above (Use the Youtube's subtitle function, which sucks btw) he is talking about his love for Resident Evil, although Youtube subtitles says Biohazard; and [...]

A Chicago based company filed a lawsuit against Facebook back at September last year. The company believes Facebook is going to destroy their business and Facebook fire back saying Timeline is too generic a term to trademark. Preliminary legal proceeding dates have been scheduled; the early stages of the trial will take place this [...]

It seems that the SOPA bill has been withdrawn for now, so the SOPA blackout's on Wednesday was a success. Powerhouse websites like Reddit, Wikipedia and Google, racked up millions of signatures in protest. Some of the PIPA and SOPA co-sponsors have pulled out of the campaign and withdrawn support but it is far from [...]