Another list of cool iPhone 6 wallpapers. The resolution of the images (1080 x 1920) are designed to fit the iPhone 6 plus. Therefore, they would also fit the regular sized iPhone 6. These are mostly abstract images, but there is a variety to select from, including sports cars, scenic images and HD images. Click images for [...]

iPad Retina Display Wallpapers

iPad's have a beautiful screen and high resolution, so why not take advantage with high-definition wallpapers. There are a variety of lock-screen wallpapers and covers you can use. We selected some in the correct resolution of 1,168 x 1,424 while others are the iPad retina 1,936 x 2448. The HD retina wallpapers will be the [...]

Japan are the world leaders in the development of train technology. It is one of the more popular means of transport in Japan, carrying about 22 billion passengers annually. Some of the rail services are privately owned and several companies compete. This has created the demand to travel in style and companies are releasing more futuristic cruise line [...]

iPhone 5 wallpaper images often have resolution issues making the quality retina images hard to get. To avoid getting your background image for your iPhone stretched out and out of focus, it is important you use the correct resolution. With iOS 7, the correct dimensions are 1136 x 640 for the iPhone 5. Most of the wallpapers [...]

It looks like a car out of a Bond movie or Tron. The Audi A9 concept was designed by Daniel Garcia, a Spanish designer that envisioned the four-door coupe that can be color altered. This concept is very different from the Audi A8 wiki here, which is a luxury sedan. It comes close in design to the Audi [...]

To continue the series of Twitter header images (check out the first post here) Here are some Justin Bieber header images from around the web. They are in the right dimension to post right onto your Twitter page. Scroll through the images, click to expand and right click to save. Go to your Twitter profile [...]

Twitter has recently rolled out a Facebook-like design that has a new cover photo size and new profile picture dimensions. The large Twitter cover photo gives you the opportunity to get creative or advertise your business. According to Twitter, the new design is more fun and an easier way to express yourself. This new design [...]

Project Glass is one of the most talked about Google products coming to the market. Google Glass is a wearable computer, or smart glasses that allows you to make voice and gesture commands, browse the internet and make videos. It is a hands-free smartphone. At its current state, the Google Glass looks nerdy -- even [...]