iPhone 5 wallpaper images often have resolution issues making the quality retina images hard to get. To avoid getting your background image for your iPhone stretched out and out of focus, it is important you use the correct resolution. With iOS 7, the correct dimensions are 1136 x 640 for the iPhone 5. Most of the wallpapers [...]

It looks like a car out of a Bond movie or Tron. The Audi A9 concept was designed by Daniel Garcia, a Spanish designer that envisioned the four-door coupe that can be color altered. This concept is very different from the Audi A8 wiki here, which is a luxury sedan. It comes close in design to the Audi [...]

Project Glass is one of the most talked about Google products coming to the market. Google Glass is a wearable computer, or smart glasses that allows you to make voice and gesture commands, browse the internet and make videos. It is a hands-free smartphone. At its current state, the Google Glass looks nerdy -- even [...]

As AAPL share price dwindles and the competition for the tablet and smartphone market heats up, Apple may be looking to build a smart watch. The New York Times, Nick Bilton reports that Apple may be working on a “wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass.” There are not many details on the function of this [...]

The Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s flagship phone, it is has the latest Android operating system so all the Android apps will be at your grasp. With 2 GB ram and 1.5 GHz, the phone runs apps smoothly and the 1280x720px resolution makes the S3 visually- a good gaming smartphone. There are plenty of great apps [...]

It is typical for entrepreneurs to seek venture capital or angel funding to grow a start-up company, but by seeking funding, you are giving up equity in your business. First-time entrepreneurs may end up giving very large amount of equity for a relatively low investment; and funding can be very difficult to find in the [...]

We have all watched movies with awesome gadgets and wondered if any of them are real. It turns out some of them are, everything from the Hologram from Star Wars, to James Bond's cool cars. The Infographic by shows some futuristic gadgets and their real life counterparts from TV-shows and popular movies.

Poetry is like music, sometimes you want to listen to a particular song- you don't know why, you just know you want to listen to that particular song; so you take all your music with you on your mp3 player/iPod, just incase you feel the need to listen to another particular song. The same goes [...]

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