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Twitter has recently rolled out a Facebook-like design that has a new cover photo size and new profile picture dimensions. The large Twitter cover photo gives you the opportunity to get creative or advertise your business. According to Twitter, the new design is more fun and an easier way to express yourself. This new design [...]

With the iPhone 5 new aluminium build, it is fast and the lightweight feel is a noticeable difference from the iPhone 4s, however it comes with a downside. The aluminium body is scratch prone, so investing in a strong case or cover will be a good idea. A carbon fibre case is perfect for your [...]

You may not know what NFC is, but the chances are you have seen it being used on a new device or more commonly, on a credit card. NFC is what allows you to make a quick tap payment with a credit card and in train stations. Apple’s iPhone does not have NFC but have [...]

It is worth noting that the free counterparts will never be as good as the paid for keyloggers, at least not yet. While downloading the free keyloggers you will often be asked to download some free software that is used to support the free download as a monetisation strategy, just ignore this request or skip [...]

Google has been cracking down on spam links that are either irrelevant or links that are unnatural to deceive the search engines for rankings. If you are a webmaster, you have probably heard of the Penguin update and Google Panda. These initiatives are placed by Google to devalue sites that have spam links. Even linking [...]

I just got the iPhone 5 a week ago, and I have been using the Personal Hotspot a lot because it is going to take a few weeks for the internet provider to install the phone line and a new router. Anyway, I was watching a YouTube video online and my internet cuts off. I [...]

SEO is very important for page rank and getting traffic, if you do it wrong you will end up losing traffic and rank. The first ground rule is, if someone is trying to sell you SEO, you should not buy it. Several companies offer options and link building services, they should be avoided. Google has [...]

If you don't get the right size your eyes or mouth may be missing from your Twitter cover photo. Although Twitter does help resize your image, it doesn't always get it right. The correct dimension and size for your Twitter avatar is 73 by 73. To crop or resize your photo to the dimensions you [...]

Save Your Wet Smartphone

With the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 and other smartphones costing in excess of $500, it may be wise to learn how to save a phone that has been dropped in water. This is a life or death situation for the phone, memories, contacts and notes could all die if you don't act fast and worst- [...]

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