Imagine a MacDonald’s with no employees; Momentum Machines is hoping to automate the Burger making process, which it claims can save fast food restaurants $9 billion every year in wages. According to Momentum Machines, the restaurant industry is the most labour intensive in the United States. The burger machine could potentially destroy your potential high [...]

If you are gaining pounds, you should cut down now, because once you get to being obese, it is harder to lose the weight, and the chances are you will actually get fatter and here's why. We have protective cells that help us keep the weight off, they are invariant natural killer T-cells (iNKT). Not [...]

If you were wondering, what the weather is like in Mars- it is nice and warm according to the NASA robot, curiosity. The NASA Curiosity has a weather device that measures the temperature- it is a Remote Environment Monitoring Station. In the afternoon, the air temperature was measured at 6 degrees Celsius—which is surprisingly warm [...]

The stigma attached to mental illness is tough for anyone that suffers from it. Most, if not all mental illnesses don't have a biological test to validate the illness which increases the negative stigma. Now, a blood test can be used as a diagnostic tool, to help determine if a patient suffers from depression on [...]