As AAPL share price dwindles and the competition for the tablet and smartphone market heats up, Apple may be looking to build a smart watch. The New York Times, Nick Bilton reports that Apple may be working on a “wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass.” There are not many details on the function of this [...]

If you haven’t heard, News Corp’s iPad only publication-- The Daily is shutting down on December 15th. This doesn’t come as a total surprise, earlier this year News Corp where looking to restructure and The Daily was on the chopping block. Some of the staff of the iPad publication will be moved to the New [...]

PandoDaily has recently reported on the ‘Series A crunch’, the lack of Venture Capitalist investing in startups due to an influx of bad ideas and inexperienced entrepreneurs starting companies. Recently many ‘hot’ companies have turned cold, Zynga was worth $9 billion only a year ago and now it is on life support. Other tech IPO’s [...]

Imagine a MacDonald’s with no employees; Momentum Machines is hoping to automate the Burger making process, which it claims can save fast food restaurants $9 billion every year in wages. According to Momentum Machines, the restaurant industry is the most labour intensive in the United States. The burger machine could potentially destroy your potential high [...]

For the last 24 hours I have been unable to connect to Black Ops II online multiplayer mode without this annoying message coming up: "The call of duty Black ops 2 server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates" I have checked with friends in my demographic [...]

The introduction to the Elder Scrolls Online, is a video that details what to expect in the up and coming MMO game. Bethesda is bringing the world of Skyrim online as a massively multiplayer role-playing video game, a version well sort after by fans of the video game series. Unlike most MMO's all the players are [...]

The Aakash 2 is launching in India, the cheap tablet is aimed at University students. The tablet is the upgraded second instalment to the much-hyped original Aakash that caused controversy due to the quality of the tablet. The start-up company that produce the tablet, Datawind has secured a deal with the Indian government to supply [...]

With Instagram's core product still being on mobile devices, Instagram has made a viewable web version for users. If you check your Instagram page ([your username], you will find a new layout that lets you browse thorough your gallery as well as other users. You can expand Instagram pictures and look at your likes and [...]

Apple's financial statement reveals that Apple only pay 1.9 percent tax on foreign sales and earnings. To put it into perspective, Apple pay $713 million in tax on earnings over $36 billion. How does Apple manage to pay such a meager amount in taxes outside the U.S? Great accountants, that's how. Without doing anything illegal, [...]

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