Mobile Apps

A new app in the app store allows you to discover what apps people around you are using. App Map sends you information about what people in your location use on their iOS device. It does not send you a list of every single app, rather it shows you the most popular one. For example [...]

Best Kindle Fire Games

Kindle Fire has improved graphics with it's lastest 2012/2013 tablet releases, this should make your gaming experience better. Amazon has also introduced Whisper technology which will help save your game data which avoids common problems such as losing all your game data when you change devices, and continuing your gaming experience where you left off. [...]

Amazon has launched a series of new Kindle devices, the Kindle Fire HD is among them. The new Kindles are packed with better processors, faster Wi-Fi, improved graphics and a 7-inch tablet, which will all improve your experience using apps and navigating your tablet. Now, if you already own a Kindle the apps available are [...]

Your smartphone can be a distration tool, but it can also aid your studying process if you let it. Anything from note-taking, remainders and dictation and translation, there is an app for that. The post is going to consist of both free and paid apps that will give you an edge. I find it easier [...]

An App For Safe Driving

Yes we know, you are not meant to use your phone while driving which makes it sort of strange that there is an app to help you drive safer. Despite the rules and the law, people still use their phone while driving whether it is on loud-speaker or replying to a message in traffic. Drivescribe [...]

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