The Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Some prefer their iPhone naked, while others feel this leaves it to vulnerable. Here is a list of a variety of quality iPhone cases for different purposes. When some reviews come in, the list will be updated with the best iPhone cases out there. For now, these are the best I could find based on [...]

Project Glass is one of the most talked about Google products coming to the market. Google Glass is a wearable computer, or smart glasses that allows you to make voice and gesture commands, browse the internet and make videos. It is a hands-free smartphone. At its current state, the Google Glass looks nerdy -- even [...]

This is probably one of the most expensive iPhone cases money can buy-- a pure gold iPhone cover. If you have, $10,000 to spare it could be yours. Each order is costumed made with options that include polished gold, rose gold and engraving. The case is available at Miansai, a luxury brand manufacturer. It is [...]

Silver Mirror iPhone Case

The silver finish iPhone case comes with a mirror screen protector. The case provides protection for your smartphone with a thin minimal look. It is impact resistant and provides protection against scratching your iPhone. The case doesn’t get in the way of your phones ports and it cost $30 so it has a plastic feel [...]