5 Strongest iPhone 6 Plus Cases

An iPhone is a pricey investment, the last thing you want to do is drop it. Here is a video of someone dropping a brand new iPhone 6 and the reason some people need the toughest and strongest iPhone 6 cases in the market. Some iPhone cases are fancy or have added perks, such as a battery. If you don’t need a strong case, look up this list. If you are looking for a tough case that can survive impact drops and leave your iPhone unscathed, then this list is for you.

The Survivor iPhone 6 Plus Case

Griffin strong iphone case

It is not pretty, but it is the ultimate survivor iPhone case. You can take it to the mountains, desert, throw your phone from the top of a hill and it will look brand new. It is marketed as an all-terrain case. If you have a young child or nephew that likes to break things, then this case may just save your phone’s life. The reviews are positive and it cost $59.99

Clear, Strong iPhone 6 Plus Case

Clear iPhone case

This is a regular-looking iPhone case and does not appear the strongest. It has a slim-fit design, equip with 2x military grade protection. The “mighty shell” case produced by Speck only adds 0.14 inches to your iPhone. It promises drop protection, even going as far as promoting an ad of an iPhone 6 falling from earth and surviving impact. It comes with lifetime warranty and cost 49.95 or $50.

Tough Armor iPhone 6 Plus Case

Spigen iphone case

This is a cheaper protective iPhone 6 case, which uses polycarbonate technology and glass screen protectors. It also comes with a kickstand, a small perk that does not add any more inches to the thickness of your phone. It comes in a variety of colors so if you want protection without sacrificing the appearance of your iPhone then this one is for you. It is $34.99 and you have 30 days to return it, if you are not satisfied.

Strong iPhone Case with a Grip

iphone case

Protection from impact drops is one thing, but a case with a grip can help you prevent dropping your iPhone at all. The ShockSuit iPhone case comes with a grip and military standard protection. The case is also quite slim and shock resistant. The enhanced grip is an important accessory for those who get sweaty hands and are at greater risk of your iPhone slipping from your grasp.

Impact resistance under $20

colorful iphone case

This is for the people who don’t want to spend too much on a case and still get protection. Due to it’s price it doesn’t come with military protection from it should suffice for the odd drop from a table or slip from your bed. It is slim-fit and does not add bulk to your iPhone. This Incipio case is protection on the cheap.



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