The Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Some prefer their iPhone naked, while others feel this leaves it to vulnerable. Here is a list of a variety of quality iPhone cases for different purposes. When some reviews come in, the list will be updated with the best iPhone cases out there. For now, these are the best I could find based on previous versions and brand quality.

Under $10 dollar iPhone 6 Plus case

affordable iphone 6 plus case

For those who just want a cheap and reliable case to avoid scratches and dents of your costly iPhone, this one is for you. Originally $24.99, Spigen are selling this crystal clear iPhone case for $7.99. It claims to offer drop protection and cushion technology for the corners of your iPhone.

BuQU Power Armour Battery Case

Battery powered iphone 6 plus case

As the iPhone evolves with higher quality cameras, processors and resolution, the battery life always seems to be a problem. This case by Butech solves that problem by adding 2500 mAh battery without really increasing the bulk of your iPhone plus. At $79.99, it is on the high end side of iPhone cases. This is for the people that tend to run out of battery often, whether it is due to excessive phone usage, or low access to a device that can charge your iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Leather Case

Apple leather iphone case

As with all Apple products, you are getting a luxurious, well designed leather case for your iPhone. It is highly customizable, in terms of color selection. It is probably not the best option if you have a habit of dropping your iPhone. Apple also stocks armbands, anti-glare film and silicone cases, if leather isn’t your thing.

The Wallet iPhone Case

wallet iphone 6 plus caseThe Wallet Folio by Case Mates is the perfect combination of a wallet to hold your identification and credit cards, as well as providing a leather case for your iPhone. It is certainly not for everyone, but if you are in the habit of forgetting your wallet, it may be wise to combine it will your phone. At $60, it is a mid-price case.

iPhone 6 Plus Case Neo Hybrid

spigen iphone 6 plus case

This is a very professional-looking iPhone case from Spigen. It is a protective case and it should protect your iPhone from cracking on impact when it drops. It comes with a variety of colors, including Apple’s champagne gold. It is has a low-end price of $34.99, but it has a high-quality appearance. If you don’t have any special requirements, this is a stylish affordable cover.

The iPhone 6 Plus Armband Case

armband iphone case

If you like to take your iPhone to the gym or you use it for music during your morning jog then an armband case if for you. It is hand-washable and it has a slim adjustment strap, which is important as a thick strap can disrupt your exercises that require arm swinging. It also provides screen protection, the website does not state whether it lets you operate the iPhone through the screen. The Belkin armband comes at an affordable $34.99.





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