How Google Glass Can Go Mainstream And Gain Mass Appeal Outside The Tech Community

Project Glass is one of the most talked about Google products coming to the market. Google Glass is a wearable computer, or smart glasses that allows you to make voice and gesture commands, browse the internet and make videos. It is a hands-free smartphone.

At its current state, the Google Glass looks nerdy — even with models wearing them in fashionable clothing for ads — they still look unstylish. The smart glasses hasn’t yet hit the streets and it’s already been bombarded with criticism about its potential creepiness due to the fact that it is very easy take a picture or record a person without their knowledge. But in reality, creeps are going to be creeps — it is also very easy to record or snap a photo of someone with an iPhone without them knowing. Besides, it will probably become common courtesy to remove Google Glass in a restaurant or public house.

Google want Glass to go mainstream — like smartphones — Google want every man, teenager and woman to have a pair, so how can Google take it to the next level:

Collaborate with brands and make the Glass fashionable. It you have never heard of Luxottica, I won’t be surprised but they effectively own or design every single fashionable eyewear product in the market and dictate the current market prices. You are probably more familiar with Ray Ban’s and Oliver Peoples — which they own. They also design glasses for Ralph Lauren, Versace, Armani and many more.

If Google can incorporate the Glass technology to prescription and sunglasses it could broaden its appeal. Also, having the Glass in eyewear stores for customers to try and buy.

Reduce the price. If people are willing to pay $500 for Ray Ban Aviators, there is no reason why Google can’t aim for selling the Glass at the $600 to $700 range. With a $1,500 price tag, it is too expensive for mainstream consumers.

Product placement advertising. For such a nerdy device to become cool, it has to be culturally accepted by the masses. Which means people will need to see the product in movies, TV shows and celebrities. That is how Ray Bans have managed to remain a leading brand despite its price spiking over the years. Once upon a time, Ray Bans were affordable.

Cool apps and getting developers interested. Google has to convince developers that building apps for the Glass is worth their time. One of the reasons smartphones are struggling to keep up with the iOS and Android is because they got all the cool apps, the blackberry simply doesn’t.

images via Flickr by giuseppe.costantino



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