Machine Cooked Burgers Can Produce 360 Hamburgers per Hour

Imagine a MacDonald’s with no employees; Momentum Machines is hoping to automate the Burger making process, which it claims can save fast food restaurants $9 billion every year in wages. According to Momentum Machines, the restaurant industry is the most labour intensive in the United States.

The burger machine could potentially destroy your potential high school job. It is not known how efficient the burger-making machine is, but you can get the idea of what it looks like from the pictures below. The company claims this is a more hygienic way to create burgers and the machine allows restaurants to create high quality gourmet burgers without the labour.

Lemnos Labs back Momentum Machines and they are hoping to open their first restaurant soon, where they can also provide training for food businesses that are interested in using their product.

Big franchises like MacDonald’s are highly profitable with net income in the billions despite its large and cheap labour force. However, mid-size and small businesses owners may benefits from saving on the labour cost with a machine like this.

There is no information on pricing on the website, it is still at an early stage but it is not a bad idea.




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