Zac Vawter’s Mind Controlled Prosthetic Limb Climbs 103 Story Building in Chicago’s Willis Tower

A breakthrough in prosthetic tech is around the corner because the test subject, 31-year-old Zac Vawter is the first man to successfully use a mind controlled prosthetic limb to climb a flight of stairs. He explains that the prosthetic reacts to his nerves, therefore charging up when he wants to move. With only a few months practice, he used the bionic leg to climb 103 stories in the Chicago Willis Tower.

Although the test was successful, it is a long way from being commercially available and may only be a piece of prosthetic tech for the rich. The 10 pounds artificial leg cost a whopping $8 million to build.

In the video below, you can see Vawter kick a football, and he explains in further detail the advantages of using the new prosthetic leg. The department of defence and several university research facilities collaborated to build the bionic leg.




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