Why Some Fat People Don’t Lose Weight

If you are gaining pounds, you should cut down now, because once you get to being obese, it is harder to lose the weight, and the chances are you will actually get fatter and here’s why. We have protective cells that help us keep the weight off, they are invariant natural killer T-cells (iNKT).

Not only do these cells help keep off the pounds they also protect us from diabetes and heart disease, not here is the problem for fat people– once you become obese, you have lost most of the T-cells which not only makes you gain more weight faster but also puts you at higher risk for diabetes and heart disease. So when you doctor tells you that you run a risk of heart disease with excessive weight, he is probably talking about the lack of iNKT in your body.

According to Trinity College Researchers, not all hope is lost. If you get on a good diet and work off all that fat your iNKT cells will increase and protect you once again. Both lab mice and humans were used to come to this conclusion so the study is quite through.

There is no information on the study as to whether these cells can be administered to obsese people to help prevent heart disease and diabetes type 2.

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