What is the Weather Like in Mars

If you were wondering, what the weather is like in Mars- it is nice and warm according to the NASA robot, curiosity. The NASA Curiosity has a weather device that measures the temperature- it is a Remote Environment Monitoring Station. In the afternoon, the air temperature was measured at 6 degrees Celsius—which is surprisingly warm since it is still winter in Mars.

The days may be pleasant but the temperature drops dramatically at night to about minus 70 Celsius, producing freezing conditions.

The Curiosity Rover landed at the Gale Crater, where these temperatures are being recorded. According to astrobiologist Felipe Gómez if the temperature continues to rise in the summer the atmosphere will be warm enough for liquid water which it interesting in a habitable point of view. He says “We might even see temperatures in the 20s [Celsius], and that would be really exciting from a habitability point of view.”

Don’t go packing for Mars yet, the warm temperatures may just be a inconsistency and may mean nothing at all.




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