Listen To Music Underwater With Waterproof Headphones

Ever wanted to listen to music swimming or in the shower? If so- it is very possible with the right gear. The headphones below actually work, if you have been looking for headphones to take a dip with look no further. I have check all the reviews and the Aqaupac is your best bet.

In-Ear Waterproof Headphones: Aquapac 100 percent Waterproof

The best I could find is the Aquapac in-ear buds, it has got good reviews on Amazon. It has been tested up to about 30ft deep in water. And yes, these ones are for swimming. The only critic I could find on these headphones are that they don’t fit completely for some people, therefore you may get some water in your ears. Other than that, if they fit you should have no problem enjoying a swim and some good music.

As with all earphones they can fall out so don’t swim to rough. Buy them here.

Garrett Electronics have developed submersible headphones that will allow to listen to music underwater or while submerged.

Amazon link: I don’t know why anyone will want to listen to music with headphones while swimming but hey! to each his own. Note: Before you go buy these headphones beware that it is designed for metal detection. I am unsure how it will translate to a music player’ if it does at all. Keep on reading for ear gear designed for music playing.



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