Provigil Isn’t a Magic Drug For the People That Actually Need It

Modafinil, or Provigil is making waves as the super smart drug, that instantaneously turns you into a genius and work machine. Although, this is not the case if you actually need it. In my case, yes it does manage to keep me awake but it also leaves me feeling like a zombie of some sort.

The drug leaves me feeling tired–heavy eyelids–brain scattered. With all this, I manage to stay awake and work- but if you need it and you use the drug don’t expect the ‘Limitless‘ effect.

The first time, I broke the Provigil in half which is 100mg in the morning- I was quite sleepy, then I had the placebo effect for a few minutes and came back down to feeling groggy and tired with the sleep element gone.

I took another 100 mg about 2 hours later and more of the same. Wide awake- and tired.

Provigil definitely gives me a weird feeling- a bit of mild paranoia, and just plain old tingly like everything is out of place. A feeling hard to articulate into words.

I don’t know what I was expecting- I thought it will spring me out of bed and turn me into a work machine- boy was I wrong- I have only used it a few times with the same results. I try not to use any medication I don’t fully understand daily.

Incase you were wondering why I take it– it is not Narcolepsy which is the approved condition for use of the drug. I use it to treat an undisclosed disorder which has had some success in clinical trials.

Despite the zombie like mode it puts me in, I will use it again- it does the job- it keeps me awake- it isn’t a super drug for me-so don’t get your hopes up about it being the all-in-one solution to whichever disorder you are trying to treat.



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