Mark Zuckerberg’s Favourite App, Song Pop Has 2 Million Daily Active Users

You have probably seen this app on your Facebook ticker, Song Pop, the addictive Facebook app that allows you to test your song knowledge with friends.

The app has reached 2 million daily active users and about 6 million monthly active users. Mark Zuckerberg’s endorsement of the app, didn’t hurt because the app has also gained 400,000 daily active users over the last 7 days. Mark Zuckerberg has 15 million subscribers and he doesn’t post often so his endorsement of Song Pop will be highly visible for a long while. The post already has of 57 thousand likes and almost 3,000 shares. There is no doubt the post helped their growth and credibility.

Similar to Draw Something, with the two player mode, guessing, scoring points and sharing, all the component to make a viral app, viral.

Having witnessed Draw Something’s rapid rise and decline, the founders of Song Pop have the advantage of seeing the path Draw Something when down and avoiding it all together.

The co-founder told Alexia Tsotsis, co-editor of Techcrunch, when asked about Draw Something comparison:

“Draw Something in terms of traffic is an amazing success,” he says, “But our game is competitive, based on concrete achievements. Even casual gamers like some kind of competition.”

The competitiveness of the game may be enough to keep people engaged or maybe not. I think the secret to keeping users engaged is regular updates, while introducing new elements to the gameplay without losing it’s core, not an easy task.

Song Pop is the flagship app for the gaming company Freshplanet, the company has a small portfolio of games which are: Dreamland, Spa Life, Song Pop and Red Fish for Kids on iPad.



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