Blackberry 10 Review: No Physical Keyboard, Innovative Predictive Text and More

The Blackberry is coming out with a completely new looking operating system, at first glance- it looks a little bit similar to the Windows operating system. Some of the key features from the fist look, is that there is no physical keyboard and it has a very cool predictive text interface which will make texting easier with one hand– also the new Blackberry keyboard has an algorithm that detects your bad habits when texting, so if you always hit G instead of F, it can help you with that.

Other features include video chat, and a ‘live camera’ that helps you capture the moment you may have missed- for example if someone has their eyes closed in a picture, you can reverse time on the picture to where their eyes are open, sound pretty cool.

The homepage screen is very different from what you get on the iPhone, it has 4 large windows icons, with the Camera, Search and Phone being the constant buttons on all homepage screens.

Here is a video review:

Could this be the operating system that gets RIM back in the game? Will it attact app developers? Right now it is a Android vs iOS world, but maybe this is what Blackberry fans have been waiting for.

Source: The Verge



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