Best Contact Form Plugins on WordPress

Everyone needs a reliable contact form, especially when you start getting lots of traffic to your website or you are in sales and customers want to make enquiries.

There are a few to choose from on wordpress and here are the best of the contact forms:

Gravity Forms: This form gives you many options to choose from with it’s add-ons, it is an easy form to install to your blog or website. The downside to this plugin, is that there are so many add-ons and version it may be confusing for someone that just wants a simply form.

Contact Form: This allows you to add a feedback form, it is easy to set up, its not very customisable, get this if you don’t want to do much work on your site, in regard to getting contacted.

Easy Contact Forms: This is very customisable, it has anti-spam tools and a management system

More coming soon as I find them






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