Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet PC: Which Is Better? [VIDEO]

There are several reviews on Amazon’s Kindle Fire comparing to Barnes and Noble’s Nook, most reviews choose one or the other.

Here I am simply going to lay out the Advantages and Disadvantages to each and you can see them in the video below (courtesy of CNet)

They are both competing in the 7 inch tablet market and although they are quite similar both these babies have their clear cut advantages and disadvantages to each other. I made the list of both short and sweet, you can check it out below the video.



Nook: Advantages

  1. The screen is a bit better
  2. Option to buy more space
  3. Kids’ books with Nook color
  4. Better Magazines Options
  5. Customizable home screen and multipages
  6. Battery life seems a bit better
  7. Lots of Barnes and Noble Stores to get deals from

Nook: Disadvantages

  1. Price: Its more expensive
  2. No video download service
  3. No Amazon Prime-style membership advantage
  4. Required charging adapter



Kindle Fire: Advantages

  1. Amazon Prime with great selection of videos
  2. Customized interface:
  3. Free Cloud Space and Access: 5 Gb free to store your items
  4. Offline video download options available
  5. Access to Amazon Services and Deals

Kindle Fire: Disadvantages

    1. Storage space could be better: You want be able to store lots of HD movies
    2. The design is very plain: If the kindle was a girl- she will be average with no make-up
    3. You need web access to really enjoy it
    4.  Prime membership: It is a disadvantage because you have to pay for it ($79 annually)

In terms of sales, the Kindle is doing much better, and personally- as a Amazon Prime subscriber I will go with the Kindle but they are both good tablets.

My advice is go with the company you are more affiliate with: if you you Amazon services more get the kindle fire and if you use Barnes & Noble’s more get the Nook.

For a more detailed review check out CNet




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