Apple’s iBook get 350,000 downloads in just Three Days

The new iBook initiative by Apple starts of with a boom of 350,000 downloads in three days after the Apple education annoucement in New York, acording to Global Equities Research. The hyped New York event is largely responsible for the influx of downloads check out AllthingsD coverge of the event here. Global Equities Research do not disclose how they track iBook sales with their tracking system.

The iBook education initiative has been met with criticism from analyst, and Ed Bott of ZDnet accuse Apple’s of being greedy and evil with thier license agreement on iBooks.

ZDnet also points out that poor kids are among the biggest losers from the iBook education system.

Poor schools: Today’s announcement makes the iPad so much more appealing. Over the long run, it will offer engaging, entertaining and up-to-date content. Communities, struggling with budget cuts, are trying to retain teachers and don’t have the funding to buy iPads. They will not be able to take advantage of its benefits. Some schools would be lucky to get one iPad per institution, let alone per class.

With both Amazon and now Apple in the textbook business, this could be the beginging of the end for print publications, because both of these software/hardware companies offer cheaper and more accesible versions of textbooks.

Source: AllthingsD

Image Source: AllthingsD



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