5 Strongest iPhone 6 Plus Cases

spigen iphone 6 plus case

An iPhone is a pricey investment, the last thing you want to do is drop it. Here is a video of someone dropping a brand new iPhone 6 and the reason some people need the toughest and strongest iPhone 6 cases in the market. Some iPhone cases are fancy or have added perks, such as [...]

10 HD Android Phone Wallpapers

car need for speed

These wallpapers are selected to fit the resolution of 640 x 480 android phones, which may include the HTC Hero the HTC Legend. Another post will be uploaded for other android phones. Most of the images are HD and include different themes. The post will be updated periodically.

Collection of Mobile Phone Wallpapers

BMW iphone wallpaper

Most people are now using smart cell phones, whether its own the Android OS system or the iOs system. Mostly in HD browse through the awesome wallpapers that have carefully been selected. There are only 10 available right now, more will be added gradually as I hunt for the coolest images online. There are a variety [...]

11 HD Smartphone Wallpapers

sports car wallpaper

Whether you are an Android or iPhone user these wallpapers are designed to fit into the most popular smartphone resolutions. Most of the wallpapers are HD images selected based on catergories such as funny, nature, abstract and art. Click images for full size and right click to save.  

Best HD Air Force Wallpapers

hd old school air foce

The U.S Air force has over 300,000 personnel on active duty and it has about 14,000 pilots. That means very few get to become jet fighters. If you love the Air Force or you are looking for inspiration this gallery is for you. Most of the backgrounds are in HD, the wallpapers include air craft [...]

10 HD Iron Man iPhone 6 Wallpapers

iphone 6 plus iron man wallpaper

The Robert Downing Jr Iron Man franchise has already grossed about 2.4 billion worldwide, and that is not including the Avenger films. Tony Stark is one of the most popular marvel characters and the movies rendition is one Marvel productions big-selling franchises. All the movies are directed by Jon Favreau. These wallpapers are HD and are [...]

The Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases

spigen iphone 6 plus case

Some prefer their iPhone naked, while others feel this leaves it to vulnerable. Here is a list of a variety of quality iPhone cases for different purposes. When some reviews come in, the list will be updated with the best iPhone cases out there. For now, these are the best I could find based on [...]

20 Quality iPhone 6 Wallpapers

Einstein iphone 6 wallpaper

Another list of cool iPhone 6 wallpapers. The resolution of the images (1080 x 1920) are designed to fit the iPhone 6 plus. Therefore, they would also fit the regular sized iPhone 6. These are mostly abstract images, but there is a variety to select from, including sports cars, scenic images and HD images. Click images for [...]

iPad Retina Display Wallpapers

brave lion africa ipad retina

iPad's have a beautiful screen and high resolution, so why not take advantage with high-definition wallpapers. There are a variety of lock-screen wallpapers and covers you can use. We selected some in the correct resolution of 1,168 x 1,424 while others are the iPad retina 1,936 x 2448. The HD retina wallpapers will be the [...]

Japan’s Futuristic Model Cruise Trains

luxury Japanese train

Japan are the world leaders in the development of train technology. It is one of the more popular means of transport in Japan, carrying about 22 billion passengers annually. Some of the rail services are privately owned and several companies compete. This has created the demand to travel in style and companies are releasing more futuristic cruise line [...]